Faith Zone

Laleham and Ashford C of E Primary Schools Partnership

Collective Worship

An opportunity for children, and families, from both schools to join Mr Meehan for a time of Collective Worship.

Introducing the theme Respect For All - 17 September 2020

iShare Learning theme: Truth to Tell - 11 May 2020


During the school day we say a Prayer in the morning and reflect at the end of the day. More information can be found here:

Morning Prayer
Reflection for the end of the day
Home Prayer space reflections
Prayer resources


ishare theMES

Our iShare Learning themes

Click here to read about how we have explored our iShare themes in school and see photographs of our iShare learning.

iShare Learning theme - week 2 iShare Learning theme
iShare Learning theme - week 3 iShare Learning theme
iShare Learning theme - week 4 iShare Learning theme
iShare Learning theme - week 5 iShare Learning theme
iShare Learning themes iShare Learn-themes
Worship Leaders assembly Good Deeds for Today
Worship Leaders assembly A Fair Share
Worship Leaders assembly No Fear
Worship Leaders assembly Amazing Grace


Click here for information about our Prayer Spaces in school and photographs showing how the children use them to reflect and pray for issues concerning them.

CLASS PRAYER CORNERS Prayer Corners across the school



RE DISPLAYS Children's outstanding RE work