Laleham Church of England Primary School

Pupil Voice - who we are




Our Curriculum Pupil Voice - by Darcey in Year 5

"Our school is outstanding!

Sit back and relax and listen to our Laleham story and our education.

Our Subjects

Maths - Great in all areas also Mrs Ganley is head of math, so if your kid comes here, make sure they work hard!

English - Amazing if your kid wants tobe a writer! You get to learn all about mysterious stories! My favourite is Kasar Prince of Cats.

RE - RE is one of my best lessons because you get to learn all about different religions. At Christmas and Easter time you learn about when Jesus was born and then when Jesus died on the cross and when he rose.

Science - You do great experiments with all different materials. You do lots of tasks in science.

DT - This is just the most amazing lesson in Year 5! You do all about the Tudors and you make your own one. You do lots of sewing and also you make your own soft toy.

History - Let's go back in time with Tudors and all different time periods. Let's go back TOGETHER!

Geography - Learn about volcanoes at our school. The volcanoes we learn about are on Hiemaey! 

PE - You do lots of fun activities in sports with your teachers and with our amazing sports team, Miss Axten and Mr Ellis. Laleham is a very competitive school with gymnastics, cross country, sports day and athletics. 

Music - Music is wonderful to hear and play so lets meet our music teacher Mrs Walker. She is amazing at teaching us! In Year 6 you learn all about notes.

French - Bonjor, lets explore the French language with Mrs Alongi. You can explore monster pets and learn all about the body.

HFL - Health for life is all about learning and understanding about the community, respect and diversity.

SPAG - Let's learn about co-ordinating conjuctions or the fanboys. This really helps you in your writing and up levelling.

Our environment - we always try to make sure our school is clean. We have litter pickers at lunch time so we can keep our school clean.

Thank you for reading,

Darcey in Year 5