Laleham Church of England Primary School

Our Faith


As a Church of England school, we have close links with our patronal church, All Saint’s in Laleham. The Vicar is also integral to our school community and regularly leads our collective worship. Special services to celebrate important times and festivals in the Christian Church’s year take place at the local church. Members of the school family, community and other friends and family and relatives are welcome to join with us at these special times: Harvest, Christmas and Easter. The children are actively involved in producing and leading services showing their involvement with worship in the community. 


Collective worship 

Every day our school community comes together for collective worship. As a Church of England school, our worship is founded on our Christian vision and values. 

We encourage children to reflect in worship, to have a period of calm, respectful space in which to be mindful. We create a peaceful atmosphere where everyone, pupils, and staff can find peace and stillness through music or a lit candle being the focal point for attention.  

Our collective worship times are also an important time for us to reinforce our concepts of our school as a community, revisit our values , and to reaffirm our ways of working together. Our worship program is centered around our iShare Learning themes. 

An example of one of our iShare Learning themes is:

'Our World Around Us'

The Earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it. 

Psalm 24v1


The iShare value changes every half term. 

All staff and pupils are invited to take part in collective worship. Regardless of their religious background, we ask that all attending our school accept and promote our Christian values and ethos. 

For more information please see the document link below for information about what is expected of Church of England Schools and how they are inspected: Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools. (This is a link) 


Prayers are an important part of our daily practice.  Prayers are said during daily collective worship sessions; they are also said before lunch and at the end of the school day. 


Our School Prayer


Lunchtime prayer (for example): 

For what we are about to receive, 

May the Lord make us truly thankful.



End of the day prayer (for example) : 

Lord, keep us safe tonight 

Secure from all fear 

May the angels keep us while we sleep 

Till morning light appears. 


Teachers use a range of different prayers for lunch or home time and it is expected that we involve the children themselves in writing and leading prayers, particularly in Key Stage 2. There is also a class prayer book kept in their class prayer corner, which children can contribute to and can be frequently used for prayer times. 


As a church school, we are also linked to the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS). 

Follow this link to the LDBS Website: 

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