Laleham Church of England Primary School

Mathematics Showcase

Year 2 Number Day

In Year 2, we have been learning all about block diagrams for number day.  We have sorted skittles by colour and have represented the data in our own block diagrams. After, we answered questions to analyse and compare our results.



Year 5

In maths, the children have been generating numbers with dice, and have been practising their long division. There have had great fun and have accurately interpreted remainders too!




Year 5

Year 5 have been building mathematical models for a lesson on cubed numbers in maths.






Year 4 

After looking at fractions, Year 4 have been looking at tenths as decimals. We used place value counters and charts to write given numbers.
















Year 1

Today, we began our new topic about fractions. We learnt about the term ‘half’ and understood that there are two parts when an object is split in half. We discussed the meaning of sharing and knew we had to share equally when an object is split in half.




Year 5

Year 5 have been learning about line graphs: how to accurately plot onto a line graph, reading and interpreting data from a line graph and answering questions based on the data presented on the line graph.

In today’s lesson, we investigated the following question and presented our data using a line graph: Is there a correlation between the age and height of children in Year 5? 


Number Day

Number Day 2023

Early Years  

In Early Years, we have been learning to 'take-away' from 20. We used ten frames and counters to represent the numbers.


Magical Maths

The Magical Maths afterschool club visited Years 1 -6 on Friday 3rd March. The children have previously enjoyed attending the club during the autumn term. 

The professor was able to solve puzzles and tricky maths which seemed like magic! Children of all ages were shocked with the speed and accuracy of the professor’s calculations. 


The company explained to the children that the Magical Maths after school club would be returning in for the summer term!


Year 3

We have been arranging amounts into equal groups. We understand what the term ‘equal’ means and can identify if groups are equal or unequal.  


Year 4 

We have been learning about shapes and their area. We started by counting squares within the shapes. Using post-it notes, we discussed how shapes can be different sizes but still share the same area. 


 Year 1

We began learning our number bonds to 10 by working practically with lots of different manipulatives to help us.


Year 5

In Year 5, we looked why rounding is an important skill. The children were given a variety of items they could buy for the year group. They had a £20 budget. They could only make jottings and mentally calculate their total amount. Therefore, we discussed how we could round our amount appropriately.