Laleham Church of England Primary School

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)


At Laleham, we embrace Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in everything that we do. We are committed to everyone in our school community experiencing equality of opportunity, respect and feeling included. We celebrate diversity and promote a positive culture where everyone can thrive and feel proud of who they are.

We recognise our responsibilities under the Equalities Act 2010 and we aim to move beyond compliance with the legislation and to embody the spirit of the legislation through continuous improvement. We are striving for the best experiences and outcomes for all of our children.

How are we representing diversity at Laleham?

Significant Individuals: We want to focus on how the persistence and determination of significant individuals, from all backgrounds, have positively influenced the world in which we live and celebrate their achievements and contributions.

We are dedicated to continuing to weave inspirational people into all areas of our curriculum. We are still in the early stages of embedding this into our curriculum but excited as the curriculum our children receive continues to evolve. If this is something you too are passionate about and would like to be involved with, please do contact our diversity lead.

Challenging Stereotypes: Stereotype generalizations about the personal attributes or characteristics of a group of people. For example: looking at two medical professionals and assuming a male is a doctor and not a nurse.

We want to make sure that we challenge these assumptions to broaden our children’s thinking! 

Diverse Visuals: Our teachers ensure that the visuals they choose are inclusive and diverse throughout the curriculum from specific topic studies which discuss stereotypes to the pictures we choose that go alongside our word problems in maths. It’s a simple thing but with mindful selection, our teachers are challenging stereotypes such as fixed gender roles like ‘builders are male’.

Varied visuals also give our children opportunities to raise and discuss ideas that are important to them. For example, when talking about families visuals might be used to allow our children to see different family dynamics including single parent families, adoptive families, families who have grandparents as the head, same sex parents and families without children. This allows our children to explore the world and ask questions in a safe space.

Diverse Texts: It’s really important that children get to ‘see themselves’ in books, both fiction and non-fiction. Not only should they see themselves but they should also be given the opportunity to see a wide range of people in all sorts of roles. 


Who is responsible for EDI at Laleham?

Everyone is responsible for EDI at Laleham but Miss Read (Year 3 class teacher and diversity lead) supported by a working party of Mrs McWilliams-Bowe and Mrs Ellis is currently coordinating our EDI projects at Laleham.