Laleham Church of England Primary School


22nd November 2021

We have been exploring the topic of 'Peace be With you' during our current iShare learning theme, with the supporting Bible passage 'Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.' from John 14V27.
After a recent Pupil of the Week worship the children reflected on and thought about local and international situations where people would need God's gift of peace, in addition to known symbols of peace and even adding some of their own.

Worship - 'Peace be with you'

11th October 2021

We have welcomed our new Worship Leaders into their roles: Sophia, Faye, Oliver and Will. They are looking forward to leading worship and supporting with iShare activities. Keep an eye out for them over the next few months!

8th October 2021

We came together in our classes to look at our iShare theme, 'Belonging Together'. 

We acted out the story of Moses leading his people from Egypt (Exodus 14), and we completed a challenge of trying to cross a 'sea' without falling off the path we made from paper. 

In our classes, we then chose an activity to represent us as a 'community', belonging together! Some of us made class flags, others made circular paper chains, class family trees or we even had a go at creating some artwork of one of our peers. 

We have really enjoyed this iShare theme, celebrating our school coming back together for a new school year as a community!

Belonging Together


19th April 2021

We introduced our new 'vision and values' and part of the theme will include us considering our 'hopes and dreams' for our school community, living out our vision and values together. Each class will adapt and own their new value which will be interwoven within their class led worships. In addition, children will create art work presenting their value.

Our new vision will continue to develop over this term and beyond!




We also celebrated the life of Prince Philip and how the work of one can impact so many. Some children have discussed initiatives such as the Duke of Edinburgh and how their own service can make a difference. The children have also been exploring Ramadan and how this is marked.