Laleham Church of England Primary School

Life in School


Summer Term

Year 2

At the start of the Summer Term, Otters and Racoons planted their own sunflowers as part of our Science topic - Plants. We have been learning about the different conditions that plants need to grow and have carried out tests to see where sunflowers grow best. We have been looking after our sunflowers very carefully... Look how much they've grown!


Year 4

During our lesson today, we had a special visit from Reverend Andy. We talked about how faith is at the centre of miracles and how this is reflected in the miracles that Jesus performed. Reverend Andy then talked to us about the healing ministry of Parish Church and explained what they do at All Saints Church. At the end of the session, we asked him questions about what Christians learn from Jesus’ miraculous ministry.



Science Week - 17th May

During the week of the 17th of May, we celebrated Science Week. We acknowledged innovative scientists and empathised at the importance of science in our everyday lives. Throughout the week, we carried out a wide range of exciting investigations and experiments discovering how science takes form in many different ways. Two children from each class were awarded 'Scientist of the Week' for working hard on thinking scientifically.


Year 6 

We arrived safely at PGL yesterday afternoon. This morning we have had a super breakfast and are all ready for the exciting day ahead. Today we will be raft building, taking part in a challenge course and going on a giant swing!!!



Year 4

This week, the children had lots of fun creating their electronic circuit games. We used small pizza boxes, light bulbs and batteries.



It has been very exciting in Bears and Hedgehogs this week!

Almost all of our butterflies have now emerged from their chrysalis, and we have released some of them on the field. One of them even stayed for a little while on Miss Powell's finger so that we could all see it up close! 

We have also really enjoyed science week, completing some science experiments - we are certainly budding scientists in the making! We worked out the best material to protect an egg when dropping it from a height, we made our own fireworks in a jar, bubbling potions and even experimented with how rain and clouds work using shaving foam and food colouring! 

Unfortunately, one of our sunflowers had broken, but we used the opportunity to discover how plants grow and take a look inside the stem. Our vegetables are now starting to grow lots, we can see lots of little shoots appearing - we think that all the rain we have had has helped!


We also noticed that the tadpoles in our pond have grown even bigger, we haven't spotted any legs yet but will keep investigating to see when this will happen!



Laleham 4 - 4 Ashford 

On Monday 17th May, Laleham's Year 6 Football team played their first match against our partner school, Ashford. Despite being at home, Laleham had a sluggish start and were 3-0 down in the first 10 minutes, thanks to some fantastic forward play from Ashford. The boys' heads never dropped though and some fantastic work from Lucas kept Laleham in the game as they went in 3-1 down at half time. A much more assured second half performance saw Laleham come back to 3-3, before conceding another fantastic Ashford goal. Once again, our boys picked themselves up and showed some fantastic 2-touch football to equalise again, the game finishing 4-4. Jamie was nominated as man of the match by Ashford, while our coaches' pick was Lucas. 


On Friday 14th May, the children took part in ‘Number Day’ which was sponsored by the NSPCC. Throughout the day, the children took part in a range of engaging activities which emphasised the importance of maths in their everyday lives. A pupil from each class was awarded ‘Mathematician of the Day’ for their exceptional work and ‘can do’ attitude. 


Mental Health Week

The week of the 10th May was ‘Mental Health Week’ and we marked this occasion with a day of wearing green. We also took the opportunity to connect with nature and engaged with extra exercise sessions each day.

Year 1 put their newfound yoga skills to the test, the teachers loved getting involved too! Year 3 enjoyed some mindfulness moments engaging with their senses, feeling the touch and smell of the grass and the warmth of the sun on their faces. They also created some green heart animals.



In Early Years, spring is certainly in the air! We have been learning about all things changing and growing.

We have been learning all about growing sunflowers! We now know what a sunflower needs to grow and have been working really hard to take good care of them. We need to remember to water them to help them to grow really tall! They look really tiny at the moment but hopefully in a few weeks they will be even taller than us!

We will also be planting different vegetable seeds in our outside area – hopefully they will grow into something yummy!

We have also been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and have been watching our caterpillars grow! They started really tiny, around the same size as our little finger nails! Now they are much bigger! We can’t wait to see how much more they will grow and change!  


Year 1

Year 1 have been greatly enjoying our mental health week activities. Our focus was to spend time engaging with nature. Our sessions have included an invigorating morning runs around the field, indoor and outdoor yoga sessions and circle time to reflect on our feelings.


Year 2

Year 2 have been studying the Roald Dahl book Esio Trot to create our own ‘Blurb’ to write a brief synopsis of the story. We were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Mrs Silver’ and ‘Alfie’, two of the main characters from the story. We had a brilliant time and meeting the characters in person really helped with the descriptions in our writing. 


Year 3

In Year 3, as part of our topic on 'Light' we had fun experimenting with shadows. We learnt that shadows are formed due to an object blocking light and that the distance between the light source and the object can change the size of the shadow!


Year 4

We have been comparing our favourite outfit to Anglo-Saxon clothing. We learnt that Anglo-Saxons dyed their clothes using natural sources. The teachers prepared some natural dyes using turmeric, saffron, berries and cabbage. We then dipped wool into these dyes to see what colour they would make. We also made our own Anglo-Saxon paper doll. 


Year 5 

In year 5, the children have been using their knowledge of materials to work out how to separate them.  The following had been mixed together: salt and water, rice and flour, rice and paper clips and flour and water the children had to separate the mixtures using evaporation, sieving, filtering and magnetism. 


Year 6  

In Year 6, the children have been using a variety of techniques including the skills of ‘slip, score and blend’ and the medium of clay to create sculptures inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This complemented our history topic on ancient Mayan civilisation in Central America.