Laleham Church of England Primary School

Life in School


Summer Term

Year 6 visit Matthew Arnold
On Tuesday 21st June, Year 6 visited Matthew Arnold Secondary School. The children took part in a science lesson, which linked to our current learning on the human body, and a PE lesson based on team work and coordination. It was a wonderful opportunity for the children to experience a snapshot of what a secondary school will be like, in preparation for September. It was wonderful for past Laleham students, who now attend Matthew Arnold, to show us around and answer any questions that the children had on moving on from Laleham to a secondary school. The Year 6 children had a fantastic day!


Bishop Wand visit Year 6
On Friday 17th June, Year 6 were visited by Bishop Wand Secondary School. The children took part in an English lesson based on riddles and a maths crime investigation. The children were able to have an insight into what a secondary school lesson would be like for next year.

The Year 6 children enjoyed taking part in the activities planned.


Welcoming Our New Bears & Hedgehogs

We are thoroughly enjoying meeting and getting to know our new Bears and Hedgehogs for September 2022 and their parents. Our 'Pop ins' are taking place over the next few Friday afternoons and is a lovely chance for everyone to get to know one another, start making friends and for our children to see their classrooms and wonderful learning spaces. Everyone also goes home with one of our welcome packs with come goodies to help them with the transition to school.

Welcoming our new Bears & Hedgehogs


OPAL Play Equipment
We are delighted with the response from everyone regarding our new OPAL play equipment. It has truly enhanced playtimes for all of our children from the youngest in Reception, to the children in Year 6. We are great believers that no matter how old our children are, they still need the opportunity to engage in role play, investigate and explore. We have also been surprised at the number of children you can get in a tepee and around a sandpit and yet still all be having fun.

OPAL Play Equipment


Laleham Primary School sings for the Queen!
Joining schools across the country to become a nationwide ‘Choir for the Queen’, Laleham Primary School children came together to rehearse and record a very special performance of the National Anthem. This was organised by St Paul’s Cathedral in London, and the children even had the opportunity to sing along with St Paul’s Cathedral’s very own organ!



Here’s a snapshot of the children celebrating their wonderful singing after the recording! 
Laleham Primary School sings for the Queen!


Biscuit Towers

In Year 6, we created towers out of biscuits! We had 10 minutes to create as many towers as possible before they fell down! We recorded the height of each tower before working out the average height of our towers! The highest average we had was 16 biscuits! We now understand how to calculate the mean/average and have been applying this to real life situations. 


Spring Term

Fire Engine Visits Reception

Reception enjoyed having the fire service visit school. We were super lucky to be able to have a go at using the hose, find out all about what firefighters wear and even sit inside the fire engine!


                  Climbing into the fire engine      Using the hose


Lunch Time

Lunch times were very busy last week. The children enjoyed using their creative skills to sketch and paint the nest site. They also wrote miniature books to the insects and mini beasts asking if they had seen any mysterious happenings, and shared their story and sentence opening ideas by taping them around the playground for others to read. 

Lunch Time


Our Parents are Writers Too!!

Our amazing Laleham parents also got involved with our writing week by taking up the challenge of the 'Optional Parent Home Learning'.  They were set the challenge of creating a piece of writing linked to our writing week. The response has been astonishing with a wide range of writing genres from poems, to diary entries, to newspaper reports! We even had to create two bound books because there were too many entries to fit in one book alone.

A small selection of the masterpieces are shown below all will now be displayed in the entrance foyer.




Egg News

On Friday morning we were visited by our expert scientists who removed the egg for further scientific analysis. The whole school gathered to witness the eggciting event and will be looking forward to an update from the scientists in the near future.



Last Thursday Year 4 were researching the possible animal that laid the egg, they came up with the brilliant idea that new species are often named after the person that found them. Mr Worrell was the first person to discover the egg, so Year 4 are suggesting the creature should be called a 'Worrellorsaurus'! 



World Book Day
To celebrate 25 years of World Book Day, we wanted to do something a little different. We decided to focus on the important message of reading for pleasure, so we held a competition to design our classroom doors as front covers of our children's favourite book. We also had some curates visiting this week and they very kindly agreed to judge the doors.
Congratulations to the winners of our World Book Day decorating classroom doors competition.  Early years and Key Stage One - Kangaroos, Key Stage Two - Year 6
Stop Press!!

There was a very eggciting start to Monday morning! Something has created a huge nest on our field and laid the more enormous egg. What type of animal did this? Where did it come from? How long before it hatches!!? These are questions that we need to find the answers to. 



We have called the scientists and specialists in this field for answers, so will keep you updated throughout the week.

Book Donations for Libraries in Ghana

Thank you to our wonderful children and parent community who so generously donated their used books to Staines Rotary club who are appealing for children's books for libraries in Ghana to improve literacy. The Rotary Club were blown away by the amount and quality of books that Laleham donated. This is a fantastic opportunity not only to share our love of reading with children across the world, but also help to improve the lives of others.



Year 4 Reading Champions

Our Year 4 Reading Champions are a great asset to the school.  The children in Reception and Key Stage One look forward to their weekly visits where they spend time sharing their love of reading and talking about the stories they have read. Their excellent modelling and expressive reading is rubbing off on the younger children who are emulating the older role models.



National Story Telling Week

To celebrate National Story Telling Week, we have planned a small competition for all the children based on a book called 'If I were a Book' by Jose Jorge Letria. The book is a lovely celebration of the magic and wonder of books which will appeal to all ages across the school. The illustrations turn the book into a kite, a tent, a ship and many more; these are cleverly paired with Jose Jorge Letria's thoughtful musings on the joys of reading.

The children to will be thinking about what their title of their book would be and will write a passage giving their reason and the winners from each key stage will receive a copy of the book.



Tuesday 1st February
Wow! Laleham's athletes have delivered some fantastic performances at the Spelthorne Sportshall Athletics event. 25 children ran, jumped and threw to their best of their ability and were delighted to be announced as winners, qualifying for the County Finals! Our school has never won this event before, so this was a great result and shows how well all children in UKS2 have worked in their PE lessons. Results aside, it was brilliant to see the children challenging themselves, supporting each other and beaming with pride throughout the day. Thank you to Active Surrey for organising this event - we can't wait to go and represent Spelthorne at the Surrey School Games Finals in July!


Sunday 31st January

Huge congratulations to Eden, Ciara, Lucas, Cassie and Timmy who travelled to Kent today to compete in in a regional gymnastics competition. After performing individual vaults and floor routines, they were announced as U11 mixed Floor and Vault Champions! Laleham have now been invited to travel to Stoke in May to represent the South East at the British Schools National Finals!
Further congratulations to Ciara, Lucas and Cassie who also competed in the U11 mixed Milano competition. Not only did they win the competition, but the team received the trophy for highest scoring trio routine! These gymnasts will also be travelling to the Milano National Finals in Stoke on 12th March.


Year 6

Children always learn better when they can link their learning to real life contexts. Year 6 had a brilliant time in maths today exploring the topic of fractions and finding fractions of amounts. They loved using the idea of pizzas to work out the correct amount of toppings to add.


Year 6 Maths



Blue and Red colour families enjoyed their first gymnastics session in Early Years today. Many thanks to Mrs Quinn for planning such a fantastic morning! We enjoyed learning to make different shapes with our bodies (stretch, squat, star and tuck). We also demonstrated real perseverance and resilience when travelling and climbing on and over the apparatus. Our teachers were particularly impressed with how quickly we learnt to do a forward roll! We used lots of different apparatus and mats to teach us the right technique!



Well done Blue and Red colour family children, we can't wait to see how the rest of the children take on this challenge over the half-term!


Christmas Hampers

This week, we received some lovely feedback about individual Christmas cards sent to Laleham residents, and both nursing homes (White Gates and Glebe House) were delighted with their Christmas hampers.   



Autumn Term

Year 2

Year 2 have been busy completing their DT project this week. After investigating a bird's habitat, the children have thought carefully about the structure of a bird feeder and the equipment they would need to get building. They have designed, planned and built their very own bird feeders!


French in Year 3 and Year 5

The Year 3s are enjoying their first French lessons - they have been using finger puppets to greet each other and to introduce themselves. They are also learning colours and numbers to 12.  


As well as revisiting and extending their vocabulary, the children in Year 5 have been researching and answering questions about France, including its geography and culture using the website ‘Oddizzi’.



Year 6 World War Two Day

On Wednesday 1st December, Year 6 came to school dressed as citizens from the World War Two era. The children looked amazing in their outfits, which included military uniforms, land girls, evacuees and resistance fighters. A huge thank you to everyone for working so hard on their costumes.

The day was focused on enriching the learning and bringing their current history topic to life! During the day, children baked carrot cookies using rationed ingredients, experienced the World War Two bus, learnt about and completed Morse code activities and completed a World War Two workshop with an actor. Children’s highlights of the Home Front visit included an experience in an Anderson Shelter, perfecting a gas mask drill and finding out what life was like in London during the Blitz.

The children and Year 6 teaching team are incredibly grateful to the FoLS team for funding the Home Front Bus; it was a really memorable event and fantastic learning opportunity.

Year 6 WW2 Day


Year 1

It has been very exciting in Year 1 this week. We started the week by making decorations for our class tree; we were being eco-friendly by making them from slices of wood. We each chose a word reflecting our school values. Later on in the week, we were very surprised to get a visit from some shepherds! We wanted to know all about them, so we decided to interview them to find out more.


Year 5

Year 5 started getting ready for Christmas by creating snowflakes to decorate their class tree. The activity was quite a challenge, but the children really enjoyed creating their designs. Each snowflake was unique, just like the real ones.


Author Visit

Key Stage 2 enjoyed their visit from the author Mel Taylor-Bessent. She shared her journey of becoming an author and her perseverance to reach her goal. The children were enthused by ‘The Christmas Carrolls’ and it is also available to loan in our school library!



Year 5

On Monday 22nd November, Year 5 attended an event called “Race to School” held at Kempton Park Race Course. We participated in several maths workshops where we measured distances, weights and learnt to convert between metric and imperial units. We applied our learning to the context of horse racing to show the real-world applications of mathematics. 

Our day culminated in watching three live races. We talked about the weight of the jockeys, the speed of the horses and how the handicap system works. 


Year 4

On Tuesday 9th November, Year 4 held a very successful ‘Roman Day’. We came to school dressed as Romans, eager to learn more about our History topic. In DT, we designed and created our own Roman shields. Then, we looked in detail at the battle formation used by Roman soldiers and practised them using the shields that we had made. 

In Maths, we learnt about Roman numerals and created different numbers using lolly pop sticks. 

After that, we learnt about ‘Pilums’ (weapons which were like javelins) that soldiers would throw. On the playground we hosted our very own, ‘Pilum Throwing Contest’. 

Finally, in the afternoon, we learnt about Roman villas and made beautiful Roman mosaics. 

Year 4 Roman Day


 Year 6 - Visit from Staines Rotary Club

On Friday 5th November, Jean Pinkerton (from Staines Rotary Club) visited Year 6. She talked about the important work the Rotary Club does for the local community and presented each child with their own Usborne Illustrated English Dictionary.  

Staines Rotary Club

We were very grateful for their generosity and have already used this fantastic resource to support our learning.  

Children with their new dictionaries


Black History Month (October)

We were delighted to welcome our parents in to view our gallery on our work on Black History Month. The displays of the children’s work was just a small reflection of the learning that has happened over the month. 

Miss Rowan organised some fantastic activities over the month with each year group focused their learning around a significant individual and explored many aspects of their lives. Reading and sharing stories with characters from a diverse range of backgrounds has been a key aspect in each classroom, along with music, art and sport.  

Below are just some of the comments made by the children: 

“I have learned to treat people the way you want to be treated” 

“I have learned that my class is like my family, everyone has different kinds of skins, like my grandad and auntie are white and me and my dad are black” 

“I learnt it doesn’t matter what skin colour you have because everyone should be treated the same” 


Black History Month


Year 6 - Police Visit

This week, we were visited by PC Barnes to talk to us about walking home, using our devices safely and to answer our questions that we had prepared in class. She shared ideas on what to do if we feel uncomfortable in the presence of a stranger, and reminded us about age restrictions and the negatives of using social media. We thoroughly enjoyed our session - it was really informative and it has prepared us really well as we take on greater independence moving through Year 6. 




Wow what an exciting week we've had so far in Early Years! 

Yesterday, we discovered a massive box that said "Do Not Open". We were trying to work out what could be inside and thought it could be a lion or even a unicorn!

When we arrived in school this morning, we had a huge surprise! The box was open and some big footprints were leading away. Inside the box we found an empty bucket and a letter from Harry. His dinosaurs were missing and we needed to write them letters to encourage them to come back!

We have been great explorers looking for clues with our binoculars and magnifying glasses, we found dinosaur scales and dinosaur bones. We have been super writers, using our phonics knowledge to label pictures of dinosaurs and write those important letters.     

Well done for all the amazing learning, reception! 

Reception a Huge Surprise



Happy Diwali!

In Early Years we have been making diya lamps. We used clay to form the shape of the candle holder. 

Now that they are dry, we are beginning to paint our beautiful patterns! 



Year 3 Visit to Thames Young Mariners

On Friday 8th October, Year 3 went to Thames Young Mariners. They had great time experiencing different activities throughout the day, including working as a team to get across a course, how to safely make a fire and how to build a den. They also learnt how to get in a hammock without falling out! Great fun was had by all. A big thank you to all the parents who helped on the day.

Thames Young Mariners

Roald Dahl Global Celebration

This week we joined in the global celebration of Roald Dahl stories with our very own Roahl Dahl day! The children (and staff) had lots of fun dressing up as their favourite characters and took part in many exciting activities from comparing well know good and bad characters to making their own dream jars. 

How many different characters can you spot?

Roald Dahl Global Celebration


Summer Term

Pirate Party

Aarghhh me hearties! We have had a grrrrreat day learning to be pirates! We have walked the plank, made telescopes, made boats and checked if they float! We have also painted our pirate treasure ready to come home and even made pirate pancakes! Shiver me timbers, they were delicious! 


What a lovely way to end our first year at Laleham!


Royal Garden Party

Last week the Year 1 children enjoyed a Royal Garden Party to complete their history learning this term. They had bunting and games, the only person missing was The Queen herself.



Florence Nightingale Workshop

Last week Year 2 finished off an exciting topic learning all about the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale and her contemporaries Edith Cavell and Mary Seacole. The Drama workshop was a great success with the children fully immersing themselves in the life and times of that era. 

We had plenty of budding nurses and medical staff on hand to tend the injured soldiers and understood the importance of cleanliness and hygiene to stop the spread of disease. 

The children and staff embraced the day by becoming key characters during this time period as you can see from the pictures below. 



Sports Day 2021

Sports day this year was very different for all of us, we did miss the cheer of our parents; however, we still had a great time participating in the variety of sporting events, from the traditional egg and spoon and obstacle races to the fast-paced sprints and relays.


The sports leaders did a fantastic job helping to resource and organise the events, as well as ensuring the children arrived at the right place and in time for their event.


The children created banners and mascots to support their houses and thoroughly enjoyed being in the fresh air cheering their team on. There was a definite air of healthy competition throughout the day, and this was added to with many examples of perseverance, determination and sportsmanship.


The final results and overall winners will be announced once our Year One children have competed and completed their events.




Year 2

At the start of the Summer Term, Otters and Racoons planted their own sunflowers as part of our Science topic - Plants. We have been learning about the different conditions that plants need to grow and have carried out tests to see where sunflowers grow best. We have been looking after our sunflowers very carefully... Look how much they've grown!


Year 4

During our lesson today, we had a special visit from Reverend Andy. We talked about how faith is at the centre of miracles and how this is reflected in the miracles that Jesus performed. Reverend Andy then talked to us about the healing ministry of Parish Church and explained what they do at All Saints Church. At the end of the session, we asked him questions about what Christians learn from Jesus’ miraculous ministry.



Science Week - 17th May

During the week of the 17th of May, we celebrated Science Week. We acknowledged innovative scientists and empathised at the importance of science in our everyday lives. Throughout the week, we carried out a wide range of exciting investigations and experiments discovering how science takes form in many different ways. Two children from each class were awarded 'Scientist of the Week' for working hard on thinking scientifically.


Year 6 

We arrived safely at PGL yesterday afternoon. This morning we have had a super breakfast and are all ready for the exciting day ahead. Today we will be raft building, taking part in a challenge course and going on a giant swing!!!



Year 4

This week, the children had lots of fun creating their electronic circuit games. We used small pizza boxes, light bulbs and batteries.



It has been very exciting in Bears and Hedgehogs this week!

Almost all of our butterflies have now emerged from their chrysalis, and we have released some of them on the field. One of them even stayed for a little while on Miss Powell's finger so that we could all see it up close! 

We have also really enjoyed science week, completing some science experiments - we are certainly budding scientists in the making! We worked out the best material to protect an egg when dropping it from a height, we made our own fireworks in a jar, bubbling potions and even experimented with how rain and clouds work using shaving foam and food colouring! 

Unfortunately, one of our sunflowers had broken, but we used the opportunity to discover how plants grow and take a look inside the stem. Our vegetables are now starting to grow lots, we can see lots of little shoots appearing - we think that all the rain we have had has helped!


We also noticed that the tadpoles in our pond have grown even bigger, we haven't spotted any legs yet but will keep investigating to see when this will happen!



Laleham 4 - 4 Ashford 

On Monday 17th May, Laleham's Year 6 Football team played their first match against our partner school, Ashford. Despite being at home, Laleham had a sluggish start and were 3-0 down in the first 10 minutes, thanks to some fantastic forward play from Ashford. The boys' heads never dropped though and some fantastic work from Lucas kept Laleham in the game as they went in 3-1 down at half time. A much more assured second half performance saw Laleham come back to 3-3, before conceding another fantastic Ashford goal. Once again, our boys picked themselves up and showed some fantastic 2-touch football to equalise again, the game finishing 4-4. Jamie was nominated as man of the match by Ashford, while our coaches' pick was Lucas. 


On Friday 14th May, the children took part in ‘Number Day’ which was sponsored by the NSPCC. Throughout the day, the children took part in a range of engaging activities which emphasised the importance of maths in their everyday lives. A pupil from each class was awarded ‘Mathematician of the Day’ for their exceptional work and ‘can do’ attitude. 


Mental Health Week

The week of the 10th May was ‘Mental Health Week’ and we marked this occasion with a day of wearing green. We also took the opportunity to connect with nature and engaged with extra exercise sessions each day.

Year 1 put their newfound yoga skills to the test, the teachers loved getting involved too! Year 3 enjoyed some mindfulness moments engaging with their senses, feeling the touch and smell of the grass and the warmth of the sun on their faces. They also created some green heart animals.



In Early Years, spring is certainly in the air! We have been learning about all things changing and growing.

We have been learning all about growing sunflowers! We now know what a sunflower needs to grow and have been working really hard to take good care of them. We need to remember to water them to help them to grow really tall! They look really tiny at the moment but hopefully in a few weeks they will be even taller than us!

We will also be planting different vegetable seeds in our outside area – hopefully they will grow into something yummy!

We have also been learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and have been watching our caterpillars grow! They started really tiny, around the same size as our little finger nails! Now they are much bigger! We can’t wait to see how much more they will grow and change!  


Year 1

Year 1 have been greatly enjoying our mental health week activities. Our focus was to spend time engaging with nature. Our sessions have included an invigorating morning runs around the field, indoor and outdoor yoga sessions and circle time to reflect on our feelings.


Year 2

Year 2 have been studying the Roald Dahl book Esio Trot to create our own ‘Blurb’ to write a brief synopsis of the story. We were lucky enough to have a visit from ‘Mrs Silver’ and ‘Alfie’, two of the main characters from the story. We had a brilliant time and meeting the characters in person really helped with the descriptions in our writing. 


Year 3

In Year 3, as part of our topic on 'Light' we had fun experimenting with shadows. We learnt that shadows are formed due to an object blocking light and that the distance between the light source and the object can change the size of the shadow!


Year 4

We have been comparing our favourite outfit to Anglo-Saxon clothing. We learnt that Anglo-Saxons dyed their clothes using natural sources. The teachers prepared some natural dyes using turmeric, saffron, berries and cabbage. We then dipped wool into these dyes to see what colour they would make. We also made our own Anglo-Saxon paper doll. 


Year 5 

In year 5, the children have been using their knowledge of materials to work out how to separate them.  The following had been mixed together: salt and water, rice and flour, rice and paper clips and flour and water the children had to separate the mixtures using evaporation, sieving, filtering and magnetism. 


Year 6  

In Year 6, the children have been using a variety of techniques including the skills of ‘slip, score and blend’ and the medium of clay to create sculptures inspired by the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This complemented our history topic on ancient Mayan civilisation in Central America.